The Collected Works of Neal A. Maxwell (Set in New condition)

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Author: Neal A. Maxwell

About Product:


Long known for his literary excellence, Elder Neal A. Maxwell has written more than two dozen full-length books spanning his career as an apostle, administrator, and educator. Now this monumental body of work has been compiled in six handsome volumes with a comprehensive index. From his first book, A More Excellent Way, originally published in 1967, to his most recent volume, The Promise of Discipleship, published in 2001, Elder Maxwell's style and breadth of experience have become legendary. Each work appears as it was originally published--well-written, instructive, uplifting, and inspiring. Beautifully foil-stamped covers, decorated endsheets, gilt-edged pages, and attached ribbon bookmarks make this limited-edition set a true collector's item.

Books that are included:

More Excellent Way
For the Power Is in Them
That My Family Should Partake
A Time to Choose
Of One Heart and Look Back to Sodom
Deposition of a Disciple
The Smallest Part
Wherefore, Ye Must Press Forward
Things as They Really Are
All These Things Shall Give Thee Experience
Notwithstanding My Weakness
We Will Prove Them Herewith
Even As I Am
Plain and Precious Things
We Talk of Christ
Sermons Not Spoken
But for a Small Moment
Meek and Lowly
Not My Will, but Thine
A Wonderful Flood of Light
Men and Women of Christ
That Ye May Believe
Lord, Increase Our Faith
If Thou Endure It Well
One More Strain of Praise
The Neal A. Maxwell Quote Book
The Promise of Discipleship
Comprehensive Index