Answers to Gospel Questions All in One Volume (Hardcover)

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Author: Joseph Fielding Smith

About Product: In May 1953, Joseph Fielding Smith, later tenth president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, began a series of monthly articles in the Improvement Era called "Your Questions." In these articles, he provided answers to some of the hundreds of questions he received from members of the Church and nonmembers alike. Starting in 1957, Deseret Book Company began publishing many of these questions and answers in a five-volume series entitled Answers to Gospel Questions. Now Deseret Book is reprinting this classic collection in one volume. The new edition has a timeless design and includes the complete, unabridged text. It also offers an updated, combined index and a new appendix, making it easier to find the information and answers you need. It should be noted that because ours is a church of continuing revelation, a few responses to questions are now dated. This work should be read in the context of the time in which it was written. Answers to Gospel Questions provides definitive answers to some of the most important and interesting questions asked by students of the gospel. In this volume, you will find information on topics ranging from sin to sacrament, from forgiveness to Fall, from marriage to miracles. You will also find answers to many intriguing gospel questions, including: Why did God create a world where suffering exists? What is the nature of miracles? How do we know we have a Mother in Heaven? Why do little children partake of the sacrament? Does the devil have power to tempt departed spirits? What is the doctrine of plural gods? It is hoped that in providing this new edition of the well-loved classic, Deseret Book Company can help members of the Church as well as nonmembers find the answers they need to better understand the gospel of Jesus Christ.