Divine Signatures (Hardcover)

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Author: Gerald Lund

About Product: As Latter-day Saints, we know God exists, but sometimes we may wonder, “Heavenly Father, are you really there for me?”

When trials seem beyond our ability to bear, some people lose their spiritual bearings, while others are made even stronger. How can we strengthen our faith and deepen our testimony to the point that we can endure whatever life holds in store for us and emerge stronger than before?

In this unique book, Gerald N. Lund shows how having a correct idea of God's character, perfections, and attributes is essential to our ability to strengthen our faith and develop our testimony.

He also reminds us of how much God loves His children and that He “delights” to bless us, especially when we are striving to do His will. As and example, Elder Lund introduces the idea of a divine signature: “Sometimes blessings come in such an unusual manner and with such precise timing that they accomplish something in addition to blessing us. They so clearly confirm the reality of God's existence that they buoy us up in times of trials.”

Throughout the book, Elder Lund relates story after story — some from Church history, some from his own life, and some from acquaintances — that illustrate the inspiring and life-changing insights he shares.

This book is a powerful blend of personal reflection and deep doctrine that will help us identify the tender mercies and “divine signatures” that abound in our own lives and which will lead us closer to God.





      A Note from the Author






    1. The Relationship of Faith to Our Knowledge of God
    2. Tender Mercies and Divine Signatures
      Turning Points - A Nudge from Heaven
    3. Defining Experiences
      Answers to Prayers - Miracles Big and Small
    4. The Paradox of Life
      A Strengthening Hand in Times of Extremity
    5. Hardened Hearts or Softened Hearts?
      A Softened Heart Brings Strength to Endure
    6. Faith, Testimony, and Our Perception of God
      Confirmation Following Obedience
    7. "Our Father Who Art in Heaven"
      Divine Signatures That Fortify Faith
    8. The God We Worship
      Preparing the Way
    9. "I ... Delight to Honor"
      Signatures of Appreciation
    10. "Come unto Me, All Ye That ... Are Heavy Laden"
      The Touch of the Master's Hand
    11. "My Yoke Is Easy, and My Burden Is Light"
      Blessings That Come without Asking
    12. "He Doth Immediately Bless You"
      Deliverance from Danger
    13. What Can I Do to Have More Faith and a Stronger Testimony?
      "I Will Go and Do" - Learning by Faith
      Blessings Prepared Long Years in Advance
    14. Epilogue

Pages: 210