Lady of Mystery (Hardcover)

Susan Evans McCloud

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Author: Susan Evans McCloud

When Rebeccah Stanton inherited her grandmother's estate, including stock in Crawford and Campbell, she also inherited mystery, danger, and romance. Why had Elizabeth Stanton left everything to Rebeccah, a granddaughter she had never even met, and what secrets did she take with her to the grave? And even more mysterious were the slick persuasions and veiled threats of Robert Campbell, Drake Fong, and Dudley Thorpe. If Rebeccah had known their intentions, perhaps she would have been more cautious than curious. What possible difference could her few shares of stock make? And just when she most needed to be alert, she found herself dreaming of two young men - Nathan, whom she had met first, and Rob, the handsome grandson of the first Robert Campbell. They both seemed eager for her company, but she had uneasy feelings about their real intentions. Now she was inadvertently a player in a deadly game of who do you trust, and she was terrified of making the wrong move. Lady of Mystery is a gripping novel of past and present, of choices and circumstances. Intertwining the lives and fortunes of three generations of Stantons, Crawfords, and Campbells, Susan Evans McCloud skillfully draws readers into an intricate web of power, love, and intrigue,

Pages: 154