Michelle and Debra(Hardcover)

Jack Weyland

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Author: Jack Weyland

About Product:

'This is not an easy world to grow up in,'' the camp leader told the two girls. "I want you to see that living the gospel will bring you the greatest happiness in your life. Now's the time to decide, not when temptations come. I want you both to promise me you'// live worthy so you can go to the temple someday.'' Michelle answered/or them both. "We will."

Meet Michelle and Debra, best friends since first grade. At thirteen they have a grand adventure that turns the girls' camp into chaos. Now, as they face the challenges of their teen years, their personalities and interests are changing. Both have been active in church all their lives, but each is developing a strong mind and will of her own. Will they be able to live up to the promise they have made to be worthy to be married in the temple?

In Michelle and Debra, best-selling author Jack Weyland creates two memorable young women and the men they meet and fall in love with, and presents them with problems and decisions that all young people face in a world of changing values, temptations, and opportunities. It's a novel that is relevant for the '90s, one that every Latter-day Saint -parents and leaders as well as young people themselves -should read!

Pages: 137