The Other Side of Heaven (Paperback)

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Author: John H. Groberg

Product Description: The missionary memoirs of Elder John H. Groberg, found in his popular book In the Eye of the Storm, can be enjoyed as a major motion picture And now, for the first time, In the Eye of the Storm will be available in paperback retitled The Other Side of Heaven. This first-person account tells the fascinating story of the three years he spent on the islands in the South Pacific amidst a kindly people who had a deep faith in God, a faith that provides the backdrop for Elder Groberg's accounts of miraculous healings, protective warnings, and perilous voyages; for such stories as: The emergency night voyage on a turbulent sea, and the anxious search for the only guiding light into the destination harbor. The boy whose apparently lifeless body was handed to the missionaries with the words, "Here, make him well again — you have the power." The storm that overturned the boat, throwing missionaries into the raging sea. The hurricane that hit the little island. The hunger when the usual supply boat failed to show up. And much, much more. This remarkable book paints a vivid picture of missionary life in a society geared to "a different way of thinking." But it is far from being solely a collection of stories. To the experiences it recounts, the author has added observations on the scenes and circumstances that in an inspiring way bring out the gospel principles involved. Given this combination, the total effect of the book is that from the time readers reach Tonga with the young missionary they will be engrossed in his story until the end.